Top 10 Tips: Moving into a Residence Hall or Smaller Living Space

1. Plan in advance. Important information to consider:
  • Move-in date
  • Address
  • Places to park and unload your items
  • Roommate contact information
  • Lists of prohibited items
2. Consider what your lifestyle will be like in this small space. Will you be eating out? If so, nix the redundant kitchen items and cookbooks. Is there a place in the building for entertaining or will you need space for more than one person? What will the weather be like? If you’re moving to Southern California from the East Coast, you will likely not be needing a winter coat, for example.
3. Invest in a small safe for money, important documents, your journal, and other small valuables.
4. After you’ve considered everything you need, make a list of items you must bring. Evaluate the list. What can you do without in your new small space? Stick to this list. Cut back on duplicate and the just-in-case items.
5. Start packing in advance. If you cannot fit all the items into a regular vehicle, chances are you have too many things

6. Mark each box by space (ie. kitchen, closet, shoes, etc.) and fill the box with the appropriate items.

7. Vacuum seal your clothing. This will help preserve the clothing and also save space/boxes

8. Photograph the back of your electronics before you disconnect them so that when they are unpacked, it is easier to see how they plug into different places.

9. Bring an overnight bag with extra clothes, toiletries, snacks, etc., or anything you may need so you are best able to function for the next day or two.

10. If you don’t have much storage space, and items typically hidden behind doors are out in the open, invest in aesthetically pleasing household items.

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