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Here's what I know about Regina - she's amazingly talented at her craft and professional to the end. She never makes you feel ashamed about your "clutter" and offers a new tangible approach to organizing your "stuff" that really feels life changing."

"She's more than a professional organizer - she's a life changing force of nature that I feel EVERYONE can benefit from encountering.
AND - buy her book! You can thank me later."

—Jesse B.
Central LA, West Hollywood, CA

"I recently needed help with clutter and by way of an agency for seniors I was allowed services from Regina of "A Clear Path".  I am so grateful for the de- cluttering of my home by Tina!  She did such a wonderful job, she was focused and concentrated on the task at hand, these are two qualities I am lacking.  But Tina knew just what to do, and she was very easy to work with and sensitive when it came to items to let go of.  Before Tina I could not see my living room floor, desk, coffee table or kitchen table due to the several stacks and piles of paperwork and boxes. Regina's A Clear Path services was such a huge load off of me and I am so grateful to the company and Tina. The two days Tina worked with me she arrived at my home long before she was due and ready to work.  Tina did such a great job the Senior agency commented on other senior clients who could also benefit from the services that A Clear Path provides."

"I am so grateful I was able to receive the services of  A Clear Path and Tina."

"Many, many, many thanks!!

—Cheri J.
Los Angeles, CA


I called Regina in a panic, hoping that she could help me organize a house that was working through the late parts of a renovation. At 8.5 months pregnant I needed someone to come in and help set up closets, bathrooms, a nursery, my kitchen, and our living spaces. The house in question was covered in a fine layer of dust and was also home to the contractors finishing the project. Regina's team came in and was so upbeat, positive and such a help to me. They were able to come the next day (and for three consecutive days) and organize my life. I would definitely recommend Regina and her crew to EVERYONE I can. Not only did they organize and unpack, they took my donation pile goods and made my life so much easier!"

—Sadie N.
Oklahoma City, OK


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