I could not be happier with the job Melody and Lauren performed for me!  These ladies can outwork any two men on the planet. They were professional, paying attention to every detail, small and large. They did everything I needed to have done and more. Additionally, they were just a joy to have in my home.

Linda G. , Dana Point CA 


“Regina, I can’t thank you enough for the superb job both you and your crew did for my client. Throughout the week I visited my client’s old unit, as well as the new one and each time, I was amazed at your staff’s kindness, composure and compassion. They were totally engaged, professional – respecting his needs and wants. I was very pleased and so was he. Please thank each and everyone involved…They should be very proud of themselves.”

– Ken Shields
Compass Realty


I just want to thank you for an excellent presentation on Monday. You were fantastic – both educational and hilarious!  Have you ever thought of stand up comedy when you’re not helping people organize?

You received rave reviews, as I’m sure you know. Did we have enough of your books?  I know people were buying them even before you had finished your talk.

Thanks again, Regina, for a delightful program!

Laurie Schechter
The Ebell of Los Angeles


Mary was here this morning and worked her magic. I watched her move thru 27 years of paperwork with the ease of someone cutting thru a stick of butter with a warm knife. Her ability to assess, sort, categorize and find logical places to file things provides me with a clear path to move forward.

– Thank you, DK

Mary was absolutely wonderful. I had always been so stressed about moving, and she made the process very easy. She was nice, understanding, and efficient.

– Anne S.


Professional, caring and fast. Ninja like ability with organizing!! Super impressive group of women…and fun too!

– Julie V.


I’ve worked with the Clear Path team multiple times and they are always fantastic. They are focused and hardworking and really get things done.

– Martha R.


Efficient, practical, pleasant.

– Harriet W.


In regard to Regina Lark’s services via “A Clear Path”, I most definitely would recommend her to anyone, especially of immediate need, like myself of clearing out and moving while pregnant, to aid in, logistically and critically, deciding to rid the unnecessary.

She has an easy-to-understand and work-from book that I had read before hand that gives gentle understandings of and as to why we keep all the various possessions that we have.

I, absolutely, could not have felt comfortable in doing the move until she and her amazing, professional as well as kind employees had helped me in, literally, clearing the path, so I could see what I really needed to work from there and rid myself of the trash, (thankfully with them helping to carry items, as I cannot at this time, and delivered to the Good Will).

Of course, we (the owner of the items), have to make the final decision on whether to keep, donate or throw away, so with this being said, we cannot expect Regina will know the answer. She, however, will keep you moving at a fast pace and not wasting time because she really is good at what she does to help physically and psychologically, and knows your paying the big bucks for this aid.

I, personally, really needed her help in ridding of the unnecessary items that I have hoarded in lieu of passed on people’s left possessions. I found it liberating that Regina was more critical of what has current use rather than being sensitive with me over the item’s sentimentality. Nothing would have gotten done, otherwise. 🙂

Lastly, I would like to say that my mind is much more clear and I have had the room for creative growth in business and my two children’s lives only after Regina’s services.

I hope that people feel inclined to retain Regina for her services if they need the help.

— KJessica B., La Cañada Flintridge, CA

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I rarely take the time to write Yelp reviews, so that alone should say something right there. Regina is no doubt a true PROFESSIONAL organizer…it’s a rare gift that she embraces and shares with her clients. I, like a lot of people, tend to have too much “stuff”…and in a studio apartment that becomes an extra challenge. I am also the kind of person who doesn’t do well with organizing paperwork or throwing things away…I’m a saver who thinks “someday I might need that”. Regina not only helped me clear a cluttered space to start, she also evoked the motivation in me to keep me going. She is a true expert in her field, because she doesn’t just come in, organize your space, and leave…she does it with you and works with you on the psychology of what might be holding you back. She has a way of unlocking your potential…I swear she’s like a down-to-earth motivational speaker as well as a professional organizer rolled into one. She has you create a vision of what you want the space to look like, at least she did with me since she recognized I am a visual person. She really knows how to get to the heart of the problem and to deliver a solution. I have had some success moving forward on my own since she left, but being that I want my apartment in tip-top shape when my friend’s come out to visit to celebrate our big birthday, I’m actually going to invite Regina back. Honestly, never in a million years did I think I would pay someone to do this sort of work, but Regina works magic in more ways than one, as well as being a true delight to work with. Thank you Regina for all you’ve done so far. The best is yet to come! 🙂

— Kristen B.,  Santa Monica, CA

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Regina is a miracle worker! This may be the best birthday present I ever received. Her ideas and energy are infectious–I 100% recommend her!! (Plus she made it really fun!)

— Jim L., Los Angeles, CA

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I called Regina Lark to help organize a really cluttered area of my house. She was a amazing! She asked about my goals for the space – what did I want it to look like after it was clear? and then created the strategy to do the work and we got started. I made 100s of decisions that day about what to do with all my STUFF and it wasn’t long before I could see that we making a lot of progress.

no matter what issue bars you from obtaining the organized life you desire, Regina gets to the heart of the matter with a jovial approach which makes organization fun. among many other incredible traits… Regina is dedicated, witty, non-judgmental, and kind. exactly the type of individual you’d want on hand when navigating a ‘closet purge’.

Regina talks you through all of your decisions.

she asked a lot of questions about my relationship to my “stuff” and because of that I was able to pay forward a lot of my stuff to Goodwill and Out of the Closet. Regina is truly a rare find, and i intend to keep her on standby for all of my organizational needs from this point forward.


— Zippy D., Los Angeles, CA

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There is no way to explain the peace of mind I felt after Regina organized my office. She did more in one day than I did in ten years. You owe it to yourself to experience that wonderful feeling of finally becoming organized as well as the increased productivity and profitability which opens so many new doors, and sets your mind free, (at last). It will change your life! Everyone needs “the Regina touch!”

— Francis X. Maguire


Both personally and on behalf of my colleagues, who’ve had to endure my mountains of paper for years, I want to acknowledge the recent on-site organizing service done with and for me in my office from Regina Lark, from A Clear Path. The positive comments I received from co-workers along with their astonished looks is something I’ll remember for a long time.

I realized long ago that the only way to achieve the big change I wanted and needed to do was to sit down and work side by side with a professional organizer. Regina’s patience and expertise was truly impressive and I appreciated her valuable guidance. Regina truly showed me “A Clear Path.” I look forward to her return visit here, soon, to help our office create a new workable filing system.

— Charles Carter UCLA Transportation


I had the privilege of meeting and working with Regina Lark from A CLEAR PATH, as she helped me to bring order from chaos. As a former Professional Organizer, I immediately observed the manner in which Regina worked; what she did; how she observed what needed to get done; prioritizing: what she decided was first on her list, and second and third. I watched as Regina’s magic overtook the room. First, she observed that there were nine electric coffee pots and said, “Do we really need all nine of these, or, perhaps, has your lifestyle changed wherein you no longer entertain over 100 people at one time?” I smiled, and said, “Let’s give away six coffee pots today.” And so began the process of my house losing weight: a lot of it. After the kitchen items were sorted, and separated, we moved onto the stacks and stacks of papers. Here, Regina assigned me the task of sorting through the garbage, filing, action items, etc. The trash pile kept growing, happily, and the other papers just seemed to fall into logical piles. I was impressed with Regina’s knowledge and implementation of her organizing style. She wow-ed me in so many ways, and I would recommend Regina to anyone who wants to get organized and stay organized forever.

— Andrew Jay Gross May 14th, 2010


Regina Lark is like a gift from G_d. I was lucky enough to have her recommended to me after months of upsetting my boyfriend with all the clutter I kept in the house. Regina came and got to work immediately. She was extremely efficient and cut to the chase, which was essential for me as part of my clutter problem is the inability to let go and indecision. Within a few short hours, Regina helped me make quick decisions to get rid of items I didn’t need and organize what I decided to keep. The lack of clutter in my house thereafter gave me and my boyfriend great piece of mind and removed unnecessary stress from our lives. I highly recommend Regina’s work!

— K.H., Westwood, CA


I am so pleased with my new de-cluttered closet! It is the best gift I could have given myself! Regina from “A Clear Path: Professional Organizing for Home, Work, Life” was a joy to work with. She is upbeat, on time, non-judgemental, and FAST! She worked with me to sort out my belongings into various categories such as keepers, throw outs, donates, and move elsewheres, and in a few hours it was done!

Regina is a PHD in history and got her organizing skills from categorizing bits of information for her thesis. She was recently written up in a Wall Street Journal article reviewing professional organizers around the country, and she was one of the best!

In addition to organizing closets, garages, and homes in general, Regina also de-clutters offices and businesses, and is a life coach.

— Marjorie M.

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I have accumulated twenty-eight years of documents, folders (one per class), presentations/lectures (one per), tax materials (and have been audited by the IRS so I am super careful about keeping every receipt), plus books, articles, and manuscripts, many of which are mega-encyclopedic projects requiring retention of drafts for 5 years. In sum, I am a pack rat, or typical historian! Regina helped me organize and de-clutter my home office and I have taken the same ideas to my office. I recommend her to help you kick-off anyone with decades-worth offices. She understands confidentiality, university work environments, and faculty/administrator needs.”

— Professor Deena J. Gonzalez, Loyola Marymount University


Many thanks to Regina Lark and A Clear Path for helping us clear space and save money in unnecessary storage fees. With our impending move and office reorganization, we decided to hire A Clear Path rather than putting everything in boxes and sending them to storage. Regina helped us get rid of boxes and boxes of paper and other clutter we did not need, and advised us on a system for keeping our offices clutter-free. Since our work with Regina, our staff have become more productive, and are now working in an environment that is consistently clean and organized. Because our offices are more pleasant to work in now, employee morale has even improved – a nice side benefit to the service!

— Kyrie Bass, Marketing and Public Relations Manager, UCLA Transportation


My mom passed away and my father moved into an assisted living facility. I live out of state and Regina and her amazing team were able to take care of the entire process for me. They got my father packed up and moved to his new place and setup everything how it was in his home, we really appreciated this as it kept things somewhat familiar for him. They photographed the layout prior to the move and replicated it the best that they could. They cleared the entire contents of my parents Brentwood home, by using Maxsold, an online auction. We used facetime to tour the house and identify everything that we wanted to be shipped to Seattle, they carefully packed and shipped it all to us. Regina was really kind and compassionate through the entire process, she is a true professional!

— Sarah R, Seattle WA


I hired Regina Lark with A Clear Path to untangle me from a very cluttered home, and to help me pack, move, and unpack into my new downtown apartment. I am over the age of 65, and I knew that I could not manage a move of this size by myself. I am so glad that I hired Regina and the Clear Path team to help me get to my next home. The team was friendly, highly coordinated, and organized and they made the move easy and seamless.

— Monica L, Los Angeles, CA


Once our children had children of their own, we decided that our family home was just too damn big for just two old people! So we hired Regina and the Clear Path team to downsize us – from our 2500 square foot house into a 500 square foot apartment in a senior community. My wife and I thought it couldn’t be done! We were wrong! The Clear Path team helped us to see the value in the things we should keep and the not-valuable-to-us that comprised all the other stuff. Regina suggested we sell what we didn’t need in an online estate sale. We trusted her judgement with the sale and the move and the donations – everything. It was a great experience, and the wife and are very happy in our new home.

— Bill and Marian G, Los Angeles, CA

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