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Everybody has a lot of stuff in their houses, apartments and garages, and dealing with it is a major problem. Whether you are doing spring cleaning, giving away old clothes or moving, evaluating if those items are worthwhile possessions or clutter is quite difficult. Since letting go of personal items can be challenging, that is where professional organizers come in. Professional organizers bring a piece of mind to the decluttering process and do it in an efficient manner. Here are some of the top professional organizers in L.A. Click here...


It’s Time to De-clutter When...

  • You sometimes buy a new item because you can’t find where you may have put
    the old item.
  • It takes you a long time to look for something important.
  • You agonize over what to keep and what to throw away.
  • Your disorganized life makes you feel like you will never get ahead.
  • You are embarrassed to invite guests to your home because of all the clutter.
  • You stopped cooking your favorite dishes because your kitchen feels crowded
    and cluttered.
  • Your lovely things are buried beneath piles of papers or clothes.

A Clear Path is a Los Angeles-based business founded by Certified Professional Organizer Regina Lark. Dr. Lark works with “Boomers” and Seniors, women with ADD, people with hoarding disorders, and folks who are chronically disorganized. Regina utilizes a holistic approach to office and home organizing. Regina and her team working side-by-side with clients, helping them make logical and informed decisions about how to deal with the disorganization of everyday life. Once the clutter is gone, Regina teaches new skills to maintain an organized and clutter-free life! When she is not working directly with clients, Regina presents talks and workshops about decluttering and maintaining an organized life.

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