Meet the Ninjas

Learn a bit about our hard-working and talented “Ninja Organizers”.

Keeping safe clearing the path!

Clearing a hoarder's house

Ninja wearing protective gear

Clearing a hoarder's patio



"Working with Clear Path clients allows me to fulfill my passion for helping others, surround myself with amazing people and create beautiful spaces!"

Melody, A Clear Path Ninja


“Working with our clients at A Clear Path allows me to utilize the talents I’ve developed in my own life; promoting harmony and safe spaces, soothing discontent, making people laugh, solving problems and creating a magic world. I’m insanely industrious, I won’t give up until the client is happy. I’m proud to work for the best organizing company on the planet, I’m living the dream!”



“Working with Clear Path clients allows me to participate in the transformation of physical spaces and personal lives.”



Tito is a man of few words (but we know how much he loves the work we do!).



“Working with Clear Path clients allows me to create and encourage positive solutions for their space”



“Working with A Clear Path is a true joy. I love creating calm from chaos and helping our clients live freer, happier lives."


Having the opportunity to share valuable organizational techniques with our clients is what I enjoy most about working with A Clear Path.


Working with A Clear Path gives me the opportunity to express my passion and zeal for creating comfortable, functional and beautiful living spaces for our clients. To assist and support in this collaboration is most fulfilling!


Working with A Clear Path is an opportunity to help get someone's life back on track by clearing out and organizing their spaces.


Working with A Clear Path allows me to support others in positively changing their space, approach unique challenges with care, and be part of an amazing team!


I joined “A Clear Path” because I am very passionate organizing a person’s space that will work for them and be aesthetically pleasing. I truly enjoy helping people with clearing their stress, so they can enjoy their lives.


Working with A Clear Path has given me the opportunity to assist someone during a time of their life that can be challenging. It’s really rewarding to see the physical and mental weight lifted from the start of a session to the end.


Lauren Brennan a Clear Path Ninja


Joining the team at A Clear Path has been an incredibly gratifying experience. We don't just transform physical spaces, we lighten mental loads. It’s an honor to be a part of that process for our clients.


Marcus Cota A Clear Path Ninja


Working with A Clear Path clients allows me to offer my empathy, consideration and kindness through a transformative time in their lives. I hope to contribute a positive impact when helping folks reshape their living spaces!


Grace Guinea A Clear Path Ninja


Working with A Clear Path has given me so much joy. Being able to work with like-minded and caring team members. Not to mention the joy of seeing someone’s life change and being a part of that is just icing on the cake.

Deborah, A Clear Path Ninja


Working with A Clear Path allows me to assist our clients with making life changes less overwhelming and more transformative. I feel great when our clients feel some of their burdens being lifted!


Regina and her Ninjas on site


Regina and the Ninja organizersFrom l to r: Tito, Morgan, Regina, and AJ.

organizing the garage