Meet the Ninjas

Learn a bit about our hard-working and talented “Ninja Organizers”.


I’m a California Native, and I grew up in the San Fernando Valley. I married my high school sweetheart I have two children and one beautiful granddaughter. I’ve been working with ACP to help people clear their clutter and improve their lives!


I was raised in San Francisco, France and Hawaii, and spent my childhood being a trapeze artist in the circus. Lots of great memories. I live in central LA.


I’m from San Fernando, born and bred. I’ve been decluttering and organizing homes with A Clear Path, and looking forward to continuing our good work. I’m also currently learning to play ukulele!


I live in San Fernando Valley. I’m big into cooking and always in the kitchen working on new and exciting recipes. I also really enjoy being out in nature with my husband.


I’m currently living in Santa Clarita. I already love working with A Clear Path! I work on my Tarro Reading skills in my free time.


I live in Redondo Beach, and I’m a life-long musician and drummer. I’m excited about working with A Clear Path!