Estate Clearing

Estate Clearing and Sales

Regina and the A Clear Path team attend to every detail to ready the home for sale with precision and care: itemized lists of donation and family keepsakes, packing fine art, storing, donating, and shipping to far-away family members. We also have a prized list of brokers & estate sales experts to help sell your valuable pieces and complete your clear-out. We work with


Our empathetic team will provide a listening ear at your critical moments. They are professionally trained to carry out your desires and help preserve your family legacy. We will assist you to navigate those critical moments with the utmost dignity, respect, discretion, and compassion.

We understand the nature of the work involved is sensitive since it involves people. Our team is well prepared to work sensitively and preserve personal items in the best way possible.

Perhaps what is important is finding important personal documents. Our personnel are experts in finding the right papers and other important items that could be useful to executors of estate, solicitors, and family in fast-tracking the financial or legal matters on the estate. We will also help you declutter and organize anything that will not fit your new home or what you no longer need. Our culture is to take care of our clients' needs as if they were our own family.

Engaging the A Clear Path Sr. Move Management team, will partner with you to:

  • Understand where you are in the process of clearing the estate as well as your plans for the future.
  • We will provide you with choices and recommendations of reliable brokers & estate sales experts.
  • Our small team of trusted experts will assess items in your estate before recommending what to do with them. Regina and the Clear Path team will decide based on how you want everything handled.
  • Provide you with daily updates on the progress of emptying the estate. Eventually, we will tie up loose strings and create an itemized report.


What an amazing experience! I was swimming in clutter and feeling completely stuck. I was also ashamed to have anyone come to my home because of the mess. I needed help... and, I found Regina! She is truly a knowledgable professional organizer; the best at what she does."

— Dana H