Regina F. Lark Ph.D

Dr. Regina Lark is an Organizing and Productivity Specialist based in Los Angeles. She is also the founder of A Clear Path, Silk Touch Moves, and Speaking of Clutter.

Regina and her ninja organizers provide professional physical, emotional, and psychological support for people who wish to clear clutter and chaos from their lives. As a Board Certified Professional Organizer with additional certifications in ADD, Chronic Disorganization, and Hoarding Disorders, Regina is the former president of NAPO-LA and currently sits on the national NAPO Board. She has been featured on A&E’s hit television show Hoarders, in The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and many other publications.

Regina is a frequent keynote speaker, and is the author of Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship between the Stuff in Your Head and What’s Under Your Bed (2013; Purple Books Publishing). She also likes to Golf and is an active member of NGLCC.