Residential Moves

Residential Moves

When you have chosen your next residence, Regina & the A Clear Path Team attends to every detail of your move with precision and care. We De-clutter, pack, unpack, and organize you into your new home. We supply concierge service to turn on the lights, change your address, and shop for home organizing supplies. Finally, we can provide expert vendors to integrate your technology, hang art, install and hang flat TVs, and more.

So, if you are planning for a residential move and want to partner with an experienced and trusted partner, then the A Clear Path is your ideal fit. We have the history, expertise, and resources to offer a personalized successful residential move. At A Clear Path, your moving experience is designed to align with your unique moving needs.

Set aside from the rest, A Clear Path prioritizes a personal approach to moving. We believed in details. So, before you start the moving process with us, Regina or one of the A Clear Path Team professionals will help you outline your residential move needs and then discuss how we can best address those needs. Right from your consultation to planning and executing the move, each step is designed to ensure that you get the most value from our experience.

If you have decided on us to handle your residential moves in Los Angeles, we execute the task according to your wishes. We treat every move as our own, ensuring that it is stress-free and simplified. Our residential moving services are not only personalized, but you can also choose from several a la carte services for a comprehensive moving package.

Our comprehensive residential moves solutions will take care of:

  • Apartment Movers: With several years under our belts, we have experienced nearly all conceivable challenges when it comes to apartment moves. Our understanding of rules and regulations allows us to handle the task with precision and safety.
  • Local Movers: Our residential experts will help you sort out short distance needs.
  • Interstate Movers: If you are moving out of state, we will handle all the federal regulations to ensure a seamless move to your new home.
  • Household Movers: Moving the entire household? Well, you will be served by a friendly and experienced team. They will ensure that you will never lose even a spoon.
  • Concierge Services: We take care of more than just heavy lifting. Don’t let those little things disturb your peace.

Roll our Fees into Escrow to De-clutter, Pack, Unpack, and Organize!

Here’s how –

  • The seller provides A Clear Path Moves and Relocations with the name/contact information of the escrow officer
  • The Seller also provides A Clear Path with the credit card information to go into the escrow file (in the unlikely event the house falls out of escrow).
  • A Clear Path will submit an invoice into escrow to be paid from proceeds of the sale (similar to payments sent to termite and repair companies) for all services listed below (or, as needed):
  • De-clutter entire household or office;
  • Concierge service to arrange moving companies, order packing materials for delivery, shop for organizing supplies to be used in new space, arrange vendor services for new space (hanging TVs, pictures, garage storage installs, etc).
  • Expertly pack entire household or office
  • Unpack and organize entire household/office
  • Haul-away donation items and all used packing materials

A Clear Path brings together the organization and services you need to have seamless relocation. Every Silk Touch client benefits from our depth of industry knowledge and broad partnership with real estate experts. Our ultimate with each client is to deliver unparalleled services effectively.

I, absolutely, could not have felt comfortable in doing the move until [Regina] and her amazing, professional as well as kind employees had helped me in, literally, clearing the path, so I could see what I really needed to work from there and rid myself of the trash.

— Jessica B