Moving Day Checklist for Seniors 

to reduce stress when moving seniors, use a checklist and an organizing professional

The actual moving day is the most important part of the moving process. However, senior relocation can be a little more complicated. Luckily, there are certain things you can do that will help you get through the moving day as a senior. It’s about making the moving day as easy as possible by staying organized and on track with your tasks. Combining our moving day checklist for seniors and high-quality senior relocation services will make this experience stress-free and easy.

Moving into a new home as a senior 

As a senior, it’s best to try and minimize the amount of physical work you need on a moving day. With the help of a senior move manager or senior moving specialist, you won’t have to do a thing. Not only will you stay rested and full of energy for longer, but you will also minimize the stress levels you experience. Ultimately, it’s all about making the moving day a hassle-free experience for you. When you find a helpful team to help you move to Los Angeles, you will have fewer things to worry about. So, before you start packing for your LA relocation, choose a reliable moving company to work with. This way, you make sure you work with professionals who will care. Plus, moving into a new home as a senior won’t be as difficult. 

Organize ahead of time to make the actual moving day as simple as possible. Once you set a date for the move and hire movers, it’s time to take care of the rest. If you have pets, arrange accommodation for them on a moving day. It can be challenging to keep up with all the tasks you will have when caring for your pets. 

Before you start packing, ask a friend or family member to help you declutter your home and get rid of some things. You won’t bring any unnecessary clutter into your new home. Once you are done decluttering, you can start putting things into boxes. Set aside the things you’ll need in the days before the move. So, before the moving day, make sure to: 

seniors need some assistance when moving to another location

Stay organized on a moving day with this moving day checklist for seniors

The most important things to do on moving day as a senior 

Unfortunately, seniors are often victims of scams. In order to stay safe on a moving day, there are a couple of things you can do. Before letting the movers load the items on the trucks, ensure you are working with the movers you hired. It’s important to stay safe as a senior, especially when you hire people to handle your things. Besides this, carefully read any documents you may have to sign. It’s best to ask someone close to you that you trust to be there with you to make sure everything’s alright with the paperwork. 

In conclusion, to stay safe as a senior, do the following: 

  • check that you are working with the movers you hired 
  • carefully read documents
  • ask for assistance from friends and family if you need it 

Before you leave your old home, do a final walkthrough, so you know nothing is left behind. Check all the corners of your home once your items are on the moving truck. Doing a final walkthrough of your old home is one of the most crucial parts of the moving day checklist for seniors. When you start unpacking, you’ll know you didn’t misplace anything important in your old home. And you’ll make the unpacking process easy as well. If you want to be more involved during the moving day, you can check items on your inventory list as they are loaded on the moving truck. Along with the walkthrough, this is one of the best things you can do to ensure nothing is left behind. 

moving checklist are vital documents when seniors downsize and/or move to a new place

Use help from professionals and friends to move as quickly as possible.

Keep the most important things with you 

Even when everything is going according to plan, moving day on its own can be a very hectic experience, especially for a senior. So, when the moving day arrives, check that you have all your essentials. Your wallet and medicine are just some of the things you should keep with you in your bag. If you are unsure how long the moving process will be, keep some healthy snacks with you. These will give you the energy to get through the moving day. You can even pack a bottle of water as well, so you can always have water with you. Keep the checklist and inventory list near you during the moving day. These lists will help you stay organized and on track with the move management. In the process, you won’t feel as stressed about the move. 

Staying organized like this is the key to a successful moving day. You’ll know that there aren’t any critical steps you may have missed to do. As you pack your items before the moving day, create an inventory list. You don’t have to write down everything you own, but having a rough idea of how much stuff you have can help. If you are moving into a smaller home, decluttering with the help of a family member can be helpful. And if you are a boomer looking to downsize, now is the time. You can hire estate clearing services and home organizing services to help you declutter quickly. You can still make an inventory list even if you’ve already packed. Just write down the number of boxes you are moving and the rooms they belong in. 

a senior moving checklist should include an inventory of everything to be moved

An inventory list will help you get through the packing and unpacking quickly and hassle-free

Moving day checklist for seniors: final thoughts 

As with any other significant change in life, staying organized will help you a lot. But being a senior going through the moving process makes it even more important to stay organized and on track with everything you need to do on moving day. With this moving day checklist for seniors, moving day will go by without any problems. And unpacking will be easy as well. You will have fewer things to pack when you have a clear home and eliminate unnecessary home inventories. In the end, with the help of relocation specialists and home organizing services, moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for anyone, even seniors.

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Need Help Selling Your House Due To Job Relocation?

job relocation can be hectic and stressful, but using a professional organizer can help release the stress

No doubt, moving to a new place, whether it be in a different city, state, or country, on a tight timeline is a difficult undertaking. But you can take comfort in the fact that you are not alone – statistics show that 21% of moves are made due to relocation jobs.

Yet, if you own your current home and have to sell it for a job relocation, it adds a massive amount of work to your moving list. This blog post serves as a moving management guide that can help you prepare for the transition and know what to expect from the process. So let’s dive in!

Know Your Relocation Package

Most US companies provide relocation perks for current workers and new hires. Before putting up your house for sale, make sure to inquire about what your new or current employer has to offer in terms of relocation. And, like the job offer itself, you can negotiate the relocation package. It’s prudent to speak up and agree on something that meets your financial needs.

Decide Upon a Fair Selling Price

When selling a house for job relocation, you generally don’t have much time to sit and wait for the best offer. However, it’s essential to ensure that the price you receive for selling your house covers the outstanding balance of your mortgage and any related selling expenses. And, of course, you must at least get more than the price you paid for the house.

To ensure you’re getting the best price for your home, you should get a comparative market analysis done. If you can, avoid any additional investments into your home and just sell it as it is. Doing so will leave you with more cash in hand both during and after the relocation when you might find yourself in an unfamiliar locale.

Consider Deducting Moving Expenses Only if You are in Army

If you are an active Armed Forces member, you can deduct moving expenses related to a job relocation due to a military order. However, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of January 2018 has excluded everyone else from the opportunity to make this deduction. Sorry, non-military folks – that tax break is gone.

Study the Current Trends in the Real estate Market

Investigating the current real estate market is essential when selling a house for job relocation. Markets are constantly changing and can go from seller’s markets to buyer’s markets in a short amount of time.

For example, in 2022, the average time a house stayed on the market was only 38 days. But this may not be the case in 2023. The earlier you start the process, the sooner you can finalize your sale.

Steps to Accelerate the Sale of Your House for Relocation

Let’s change the gears and see how you can speed up the selling of your house and the relocation process:-

  • 1- Accept Cash Offers

Accepting cash offers is a much quicker method of selling the house. The downside is you’ll have to settle for lower offers since cash offers tend to come from investors. But you might be in a rush as, generally, relocation jobs give you just about a month to move in before you need to report to your new location.

That doesn’t leave much time for conventional processes such as loan applications, open houses, and inspections. Instead, cash offers can give amazing results to you in no time.

  • 2- Appoint a Real Estate Agent

using a professional organizer for a new job location move makes the whole process easierThis is a conventional and slightly expensive path. But you should opt for it if your employer offers a decent relocation package. Find an agent experienced in relocations or rapid home sales. Seek recommendations from friends and family, and hire the best agent you can find.

  • 3- Get Your Property Professionally Clicked

Investing in professional photos is a great idea if you’re looking to sell your house quickly in the competitive real estate market. It might cost a few hundred dollars, but the return on investment is worth it.

Professional photos can help show off your house’s best features, making it more attractive to potential buyers. So don’t skimp on the pictures – it could be the difference between making or breaking your sale!

  • 4- Declutter Your House

A clean home exudes a sense of brightness and freshness. Buyers especially enjoy seeing open space in photographs. You’re already packing and purging because of the impending relocation, so this is where getting rid of your clutter will pay off. 

Do you have unwanted objects and distracting items left behind on your property, and you don’t have enough time to clear your home of these objects? No problem! With AI-powered Object Removal, you get clear house real estate listing images in minutes without compromising the quality of the picture. 

Not only will this help you attract more leads with a polished and clean image, but it will also give buyers the perfect visual they need to make a better decision. With a few clicks, an online object removal tool can get the job done quickly for you.

  • 5- Increase the Attractiveness of Your House’s Exterior

The initial perception of your home from the outside is critical. This is the first thing that potential buyers will see, so it reflects how well you take care of the property. It doesn’t necessarily have to involve huge investments.

Simply doing essential yard maintenance, such as mowing the lawn, taking care of weeds, and fertilizing the grass, can make a big difference.

  • 6- Rent it Temporarily

Have you ever thought of becoming a long-distance landlord? If the rental market is looking good and you don’t get a buyer, it could be a great way to make extra money each month. Just make sure your property meets the necessary criteria and is in an area that is popular for renting.

Being a landlord can be difficult, especially if you live in another state. You may need to hire a property management company to look after everything and handle any repairs when you’re not around.

Hire Relocation Specialists

organizing and moving specialist can help you I choose the right movers and can also supply packing and unpacking services.

Moving home can be stressful, especially when you’re pressed for time. Don’t let the pressure get to you – let the experts help you make the transition easier! There are relocation specialists that assist you in tidying up and organizing your home and managing the whole moving process.

With their help, you can make a swift and successful move. Save yourself the hassle of move management and let the professionals do the work for you.

Do you think the world is yours to explore and a career switch is right for you? If so, you can make a move as seamless as possible, even when you own a house. You could sell it to an investor, enlist the help of a professional real estate agent to get a great deal, or even rent it out for a while.

Don’t worry – the stress of selling your home for a job you want won’t last forever. You’ll soon discover a new area, get to know your co-workers, and settle into a new house, ready for all the new memories it will hold.

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Rahul Agarwal is the Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, where he has taught a computer to do interior design!
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