Extra Items for Moving Day

Moving day is always a big day as movers are rushing in and out and the place you’re leaving is in utter chaos!! Before things get too crazy – take a breath and use the handy list below to ease the anxiety and ensure you’ll have access to important papers, extra boxes, medications, and the all-important phone chargers!

Set aside several boxes and tape for last minute moving items like bedding and miscellaneous items. Be sure to indicate on the box what is in it to help with the unpacking.
Make a schedule. Make a realistic plan for the events that need to take place on moving day. List back-up plans for unexpected surprises.
Ensure you have the keys for both your new and old homes.
Keep all important papers and documents with you.
Have an overnight bag with an extra set of clothes, phone chargers, laptop cords, dry shampoo, and toothbrush, etc.