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25 Living Room Organization Ideas for Every Home

If your living room is cluttered and chaotic, it can be tough to relax and spend time with your family or entertain guests. Your living room can become even more challenging to use if you have a large family or an abundance of belongings. But by taking a few simple steps to organize your space, you can turn your living room into a haven of peace and relaxation.

However, before spending an entire day rummaging through an unused pile of blankets or trying to find that one book you need to return, consider these living room organization ideas to help get you started. Whether you live in an apartment in San Francisco, CA, or a house in Nashville, TN, read on to take control of your home.
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7 Mental Health Benefits of Downsizing

organizing, packing, selling, donating are all part of downsizing and a senior professional move manager can help.


Reaching a certain age and retiring is, for many people, a period when they start reflecting on their life. This may be the time when you start considering leaving your old home behind and moving to a smaller property. Although decluttering has many benefits, it is usually easier said than done. However, once it’s over, you will most likely be thankful to yourself for deciding to go through with it. Some ideas for downsizing your property as a boomer and making it a perfect retirement property include decorating, downsizing your closet, organizing your garage, garden, or other outdoor spaces, and more. This article will go over the seven mental health benefits of downsizing in order to decide if and why moving to a smaller home would be the right next step in your life.

It helps reduce stress

Maintaining a spacious property is far from an easy task. Now – imagine having to do it in your old age. Retirement is supposed to be a period in a person’s life when they can finally step away from all responsibilities and enjoy some peace and quiet. However, that might not be as easy as it sounds if you have a large house to upkeep – especially if your children are long moved out and you have little or no help. 

Moving out of a house and into a smaller apartment will help significantly reduce stress. You won’t have to worry about tedious cleaning that lasts an entire day – in a smaller living space, weekly cleaning might take you just a couple of hours. In order to make this process easier and more pleasant, we recommend you declutter your old house and clear accumulated stuff before moving into your new home. This way, you’ll avoid taking any unnecessary belongings with you.

paking and unpacing are one of the services of a A+ Certified senior move manager


It saves you a significant amount of money

An obvious advantage of downsizing is that you will be able to save up a lot on your monthly energy bills. No longer working means not having as much money to spend as you had before. Granted, you’ll have your pension, but do you really wish to spend your hard-earned money on the bills when you could have a nice dinner with your family, buy something nice for yourself or take a vacation trip to a country that you had never visited before? Have you ever thought about the difference between the bills for a big house and a small apartment? If not, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Another way to earn and save some money during the process of moving is to sell the stuff you no longer need. You can easily do this by listing your items on any online selling platforms. Some of the most commonly used ones are:

  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace

If you aren’t too sure about how to use these online marketplaces, you could put the images of the items on your personal Facebook or Instagram profile. Granted, the audience won’t be as wide, but you never know – maybe your friends, or friends of your friends, will be interested in buying what you are selling.

Alternatively, you can donate your things to a local charity.

Allows for more free time

Retirement means you will finally have more time to spend on yourself and your hobbies. If you don’t have many maintenance tasks to perform in your place, the amount of your free time increases even more. Downsizing helps reduce all the work you need to do around your house and therefore helps you enjoy all your free time to the fullest – which is what all retired seniors deserve. Before reaching a decision to downsize, as before making any other decisions, it’s best to get informed on the topic. Consumer Opinion suggests that if your friends and family can’t be the ones to advise you, some of the websites on the internet can be helpful to you.

just organizing stuff that has become clutter is a health benefit of organizing.

Increases your confidence

Showing your new place to your friends and family will feel so rewarding and is guaranteed to boost your confidence – especially when you know you’re responsible for organizing it. Smaller spaces are easier to decorate, tidy up and keep clean and organized at all times – so you’ll be able to keep your home beautiful and feel proud every time you present it to your guests.

Prevents you from feeling lonely

One of the mental health benefits of downsizing, if not the biggest one, is that you are bound to feel less alone in a place that is smaller and not as full of memories compared to a house where you’ve lived for most of your life. A big and empty house can feel daunting and overwhelming at times, especially if you are the only one living in it. 

Moreover, moving to a smaller living space to be close to your friends and family is a great way to prevent feeling alone when you reach a certain age. It’s important to note that downsizing will by no means fix all your problems. If you are feeling sad or lonely, you should make sure to get the help you need and talk to a professional. If you don’t have the time or energy to book an in-person therapy session, a good option to consider is choosing an online therapy provider.

It makes you live in the present

Living in the same house for many years means that it is full of memories that you have been accumulating practically for an entire lifetime. Although in a way, being surrounded by all these memories is a beautiful thing, it may very easily provoke feelings of nostalgia and sadness. To put it simply – being constantly surrounded by memories can weigh you down emotionally. Getting rid of them by downsizing can be just the thing you need in order to free your mind, liberate yourself, and significantly improve your mental health. Think of your new apartment as a clean slate and a new beginning.

safety issues are important for seniors and downsizng can help create healthier spaces for living.

One of the mental health benefits of downsizing is getting rid of memories – but it doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of all of them.

Prevents safety risks

Decluttering can also help remove safety hazards and reduce the risks of harming your well-being in any way, which is particularly important if you are an older person. Some of the things that you should keep a lookout for are:

  • Cables or electricity chords lying on the ground – they are not easy to spot, so someone can easily trip over them and get injured
  • Unnecessary clutter, such as items and boxes, impedes walkability
  • Items that have been left unattended for long periods of time may contain dust or mold, which are hazardous to people suffering from breathing problems
  • Dirty and cluttered spaces are a breeding ground for mice, roaches, and other pests which transmit various diseases

A conclusion on the mental health benefits of downsizing

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have understood that, although it is a challenging and exhausting thing to do, there are a lot of mental health benefits of downsizing. You should consider all of them and weigh your options before deciding to take this critical step. Lastly, consider that, apart from being emotionally challenging, downsizing is by no means a physically easy job. For this reason, another question is whether you need to hire a professional to help you during this time.


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How Do Online Estate Sale Auctions Work?

most estatres will need to auction off many items and an certified Senior MOve manager can help with the process

In the era of modern technology, people are used to social networking, online communication, searching for various services, such as relocation professionals, as well as online shopping. What’s more, nowadays, it is even possible to sell real estate online, too. And that no more, no less than in the form of auction. Yes, this is not a joke. You will no longer have to participate in auctions in crowded auction houses. Now you can beat time and distance and finish everything in the comfort of your own home. And all that with a simple click on your computer or your phone. To introduce you to the topic, we will explain the meaning of online auctions and define how online estate sale auctions work.

What are online auctions?

Unlike traditional auctions, where people who want to buy an item or a property need to attend an in-person auction, usually held in an auction house, this online version of the event happens on a web-based platform or through a live stream. Buyers use their computers, tablets, or mobile phones to browse the available items or properties, see the details, and participate in the bidding. They make the selection and decide how much they would like to offer. And, when they get the property they want, and the deal is sealed, all they need to do is to get an excellent moving crew and start their relocation process. And with the help of experts at, it is possible to find all the necessary support and services in just one place.

there are lots of records to keep when using an auction as part of an estate clearout

The very format of the online auction depends on the online platform you use for conducting the process. Some of the most prominent companies offering this kind of convenience are:

  • Openn
  • Realtair
  • Market Buy
  • Gavl

The most significant advantage of this online version of auctions is that buyers take part in them from their own homes or anywhere else they like.

How online estate sale auctions work – a step-by-step guide

Auctioneers usually hold online estate sale auctions. That can be a seller himself or a professional auction staff member. They make sure everything is legal and must conduct the whole process properly.

Moreover, nowadays, more and more people employ this same method when selling their belongings. Thus, for example, if you find some items you no longer need in the process of pre-relocation decluttering, you should simply sell those online. All you need to do is to clean them and do some photo shooting. Remember, good photos are a must. They can really sell your items.

1. Prior to the auction

Both sellers and buyers log in to a virtual auction platform. This is where buyers can see the properties listed for sale. Sellers, on the other hand, can see the real-time interactive bidding. Both parties need to be familiar with the platform used. That is why they are usually advised to register earlier and, if possible, watch several auctions before participating in one.

2. Getting qualified for the auction

When the auction day comes, it’s time to start with the bidding. If you have ever been into a remote purchase, you know the importance of the initial offer. All the buyers give their starting price for the property they are interested in. Then, they come to the point of completing some terms. The terms usually include the deposit information, the settlement date, or some other terms the owner asks for. After the owner considers the terms, he may either agree to them or reject them. The pending prices of the owners whose terms are accepted become live on the property. Those buyers become qualified and receive their own paddle number for the auction.

estate auction are often part of an estate clearance which might involve and auction of itemss.

3. Start bidding

Once a buyer enters one of the online estate sale auctions, he can see all the other buyers’ paddles. They can also get some other details of the auction, such as:

  • the highest bid at that moment
  • the date of the final bidding stage
  • the bidding timeline

It is essential to say that buyers, like in the traditional auction, can change their price whenever they want. All the time, they follow the bidding process and get updates on their e-mail or their phone.

4. Bringing the negotiations to an end

When it is clear that there are enough buyers and their offers, it is time to bring the negotiations to an end. The countdown timer is on, and the buyers get some time to decide whether they want to remain in the auction with their bid or give up. If some buyers decide to increase their offers, the countdown timer needs to reset. That leaves more time for the other competing buyers to change their offers, too.

5. The final point

When the time is up, and there are no more offer changes, the bidding is done. The symbol for that will be the falling of a virtual hammer. The buyer with the highest offer gets the property in question. If everything goes well, the final contract is made, and that is the end of the negotiations. That’s the point when the relocation preparations start.

A Clear Path uses Maxsold as their auctioneer when working on Estate clear outs

Success is guaranteed

No matter whether you choose online or traditional in-person auction, your selling or purchasing experience will probably be successful. However, online auctions still have some advantages. Bidding from the coziness of your living room brings some release to the generally tense atmosphere of the auction. That helps a lot in making sound and smart decisions.

And although some may think that online auctions will not attract people who are not so familiar with virtual settings, the experience proved it wrong. The online platforms used for the auctions are easily manageable. They do not require some special skills, and everyone can learn to use them.

Considering all the aspects, and now that you know how online estate sale auctions work, you should try them yourselves. We are sure you’ll find that both exciting and pretty useful. And, once you purchase real estate and don’t know where to start with relocation, e-mail us to schedule a free 30-minute virtual session and get professional advice on moving and packing. 

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My name is Julie Thompson. I am from Brooklyn and work as a manager for one big company. I love exploring my creativity and often write engaging blogs on various topics.

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How to Start Clearing Accumulated Stuff in Your Home

getting rid of accumualted stuff takes a good deal of organizing and a professional can help

Most people find living a simple life with fewer items incredibly appealing. However, the thought of getting rid of the things we have brings different negative emotions such as dread, stress, and defeat. Nevertheless, with a proper push in the right direction, you will be able to rid yourself of belongings you simply do not need anymore. So, if you’re ready to declutter but don’t know where to start, here are different things you can do when clearing accumulated stuff in your home.

Dig deep to find your motivation

You will need to be in the right headspace and with the right motivation if you want to clear out your unnecessary belongings truly. And such mental work is the first step if you want to start clearing accumulated stuff in your home. Dig deep into the reasons why you wish to declutter.

  • Do you wish to live a minimalistic life?
  • Will you be downsizing?
  • Do you want to freshen up your current home?
  • Do you have negative emotions associated with your house because of the clutter?

It would be best if you ask yourself all these questions (and more) before the start of the process. This is the only way you will find the thing that will keep you going when the decluttering process becomes tiring and taxing. 

Get help if you need it

If you are dealing with a space that is difficult to clear out, be sure to ask for help from your loved ones. This is especially important if you are dealing with a difficult period in your life. Experts in treating different kinds of addiction at Bright Futures Treatment Center suggest creating a clean space that will enforce positive changes in your life. More often than not, your loved ones will want to help you have a better life, and a good environment is vital. On the other hand, there are different services that you could hire that’ll help you through the process of clearing accumulated stuff in your home.

dealing with accummulated stuff could be a hoarding issue

Be sure to word your concerns and assign the tasks to your helpers.

Create a clear plan

A clear plan will help you feel less overwhelmed and distracted while decluttering. This plan solely depends on your needs, wants, and limits.

We highly suggest answering these key questions:

  • When will I declutter?
  • How much should I declutter in a day?
  • What will I do with all of the items?
  • Should I have a deadline?

Most people, however, believe it is best you start slowly and only declutter whenever you have the time. A great tip for this is to declutter whenever you are procrastinating on other tasks around your home. And if this happens often, well, you will be finished decluttering sooner than expected.

Prepare supplies you will need for clearing accumulated stuff

Starting the process of decluttering will need other sorts of preparations, such as acquiring supplies to pack your unneeded belongings. 

In most cases, simple cardboard boxes and trash bags can be enough. You can find cardboard or moving boxes in many places, such as recycling centers, grocery stores, and bookstores. These locations frequently receive shipments after which they no longer require the boxes you will undoubtedly need. Ask around, and you’ll probably be able to get them for free or for a very minimal price. On the other hand, trash bags are quite inexpensive and can hold a significant amount of items you want to get rid of. 

Prepare a reasonable amount of both of these supplies so you can start clearing accumulated stuff the right way.

Take “before” pictures of your home

Another motivator to push through the process and keep your home clutter-free afterward is to take “before” and “after” pictures. Before you remove even one of your items, be sure to take good pictures of your rooms from multiple angles so you can marvel at the results in the end. However, do not forget to take “after” photos so you stay motivated to remain clutter-free. This is especially beneficial if you have a hoarding issue since you will be able to see just what you achieved, and it might help keep you in check.

You will want to capture the beauty of your home when it is clutter-free.
a clean house is easily accomplished with a professional in organizing, packing and helping to decide what to keep, sell or donateAlt-tag: A view of a very tidy and clutter-free living room and dining room area.

Make a list of things you absolutely wish to keep

If you are worried about getting rid of too many of your items, make a list of things you absolutely wish to keep. Such a list will certainly come in handy with clearing accumulated stuff in your home since it will help you avoid the sense of guilt of throwing something away. However, be sure to have an open mind and not hold onto items that you simply will never use or even look at. After all, how much do you truly like that shirt in your closet if it is buried way deep among your other clothes? Be realistic about your choices of items you want to keep. However, don’t worry; you can still keep your sentimental items even if you may be downsizing. 

Choose one room or area you will start in

The process of decluttering your home of unneeded items should always begin in a room or area that feels the least overwhelming. Starting with a space requiring a lot of time and effort will only make you lose motivation quickly. Of course, if you think you are ready and wish to dive immediately into the deep end, then go ahead! Determine which room or area fits this description and prepare yourself by following the next tip.

Label everything to make your job easier

Once you’ve done all the necessary steps to start clearing accumulated stuff in your home, there is one last thing you can do to make this process easier on yourself. Create a space with boxes (and trash bags) with different labels. 

These are the labels we suggest:

  • Sell
  • Give away
  • Donate
  • Recycle
  • Throw Away
  • Deal with Later

With these supplies ready, you will simply need to toss the unneeded belongings into their respective box or bag. Furthermore, the “deal with later” box is perfect if you cannot decide on the fate of your belonging just yet. 

With all this in mind, you are on the right path to start clearing accumulated stuff in your home. And don’t hesitate to contact our team at A Clear Path for further assistance or if you have any questions. We wish you luck!

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Putting an Estate in Trustworthy Hands

a senior move manager understands the needs of a fiduciary when performing an estate clearance

Handling an estate can quickly get out of hand, and things can get complicated. Hence finding a competent, reliable estate clearing service is a good idea. A professional estate clearing service takes full responsibility for sorting, organizing, cleaning, disposing, and selling property in an agreement with the client’s needs.

Why Hire Estate Clearing Services?

If you’re responsible for the disposition of an estate, it’s a good idea to secure estate clearing services through a trusted fiduciary such as yourself. Such pros expediently settle estate issues, simultaneously juggling turbulent family situations and legal realities.

The fiduciary represents and handles a client’s assets who have already passed on or are being moved to an assisted living facility. Hence the estate management service is helping the fiduciary get ahead of the difficult work.

Either way, professional estate management agencies quickly settle estates for their fiduciary clients. Hence, helping them hold that which can be sold, rented, or otherwise used by family members connected to the estate owner and generally assure all estate assets are managed the best way possible in agreement with law and family.

Solutions offered by estate clearing service include:

  • Organizing Estate Sales or Auctions
  • Getting Rid of Toxic or Biological Waste
  • Addressing Waste Both Physically and Digitally
  • Shredding Documents That Should be Disposed Of
  • Helping Estate Owners Find Proper Vendors For Needed Tasks

In this article, we’ll look into estate clearing services handled by professionals who act on behalf of fiduciaries. This will help you know what to look for, what good services look like, and what a reliable option for such services might be for your specific situation.

What Do Estate Clearing Services Do?

In the opening, we gave a broad overview of what estate clearing services are all about, but let’s look a little closer to give you an idea of what help is available. When settling an estate, finances and healthcare are of chief concern. Someone with an impaired mental capacity needs help, and that help needs to develop in a way that doesn’t negatively affect the financial status they’ve cultivated throughout their life.

Many fiduciaries operate as court-appointed conservators in reference to the estate of an elderly individual. The Estate management services take over for you. They help in the need-based transition. Sometimes an individual isn’t elderly but has been injured and is mentally incapable of managing their estate. In that situation, similarly, if no family could do the job, a fiduciary representative in reference to estate management would become necessary. As a fiduciary, you can work with estate management services to do the heavy lifting.

When managing an estate, daily care, housing, and medical needs of clientele must be carefully considered. Especially if an olderdocuments and electronic records need to be located and organized when clearing out an estate and professionla estate clearing service can help person is transitioning to a care facility, this puts a heavy burden on the fiduciary involved in the change. Accordingly, trusted estate management must be secured. You want a service that knows adjacent vendors of services for transitional situations. In many scenarios, estate clearing services personnel must also offer basic bill paying services and investment management.

The Single Side of L.A.

Approximately 63% of women in L.A. are not married, and that’s in the city, mind you. L.A. County as a whole has different stats. As you may have guessed, things differ substantially in this region as opposed to the rest of the U.S. Interestingly enough, the same percentage of households that represent unmarried women also represent households that don’t have children. These things directly impact the fiduciary management of a given estate.

Certainly, estate clearing services in this area will have to deal with families and other situations where there are spouses. If you are the fiduciary in this situation, and the person you represent is getting on in years, should neither spouse nor progeny be available to help in the transition? You want to look into services that take these things into account. Find those who will represent your client’s interests in the face of opportunists that would otherwise be exploitative.

Getting the Help You Need When You Need It

A practical option for estate clearing services will be flexible scheduling; as a fiduciary, you have a lot on your plate. The availability of clients will change owing to the realities of life. The older the individual, the more precise a fiduciary professional needs to be about making appointments and keeping them. Estate clearing services must be able to work within that reality.

Handling the Court

Something else an estate clearing service must do on behalf of fiduciaries is juggling associated legal realities. Courts tend to be very slow about everything. Some of their sluggishness has to do with bureaucratic infrastructure, but there are also related outside influences. The estate owner who has done well in L.A. may have distant relatives vying for her estate’s dissolution, and the courts may slowly shuffle through everything.

Expediting Estate Clearing Services

Professional estate clearing services understand the courts and associated complications of a given estate, and what fiduciary clients must go through. Accordingly, the best services try to move the process along. Proper professionals can handle multiple clients simultaneously, giving them the fastest, most comprehensive and most reliable service possible.

The Capability of Deciding

Estate fiduciaries need to make decisions for clientele, and estate clearing services need to be able to follow those decisions through. This could extend to choosing contractors and service providers, and such choices must be balanced in light of collateral family preferences for the job in question.

Because the estate often covers associated fees, it is always to the benefit of a responsible fiduciary for such matters to be managed with the most excellent profitable outcome. Estate clearing services that can share the load make that easier.

Contemporaneous Services

Estate services must be informed by the latest relevant legal and social data. The following checklist of items will be on your list as a fiduciary, and you should expect whatever estate clearing service you work with to work with you on these things:

  • Relevant Internal Controls
  • Disaster Recovery Strategies
  • An Effective and Legally-Sound Succession Plan
  • Proper Management of Tangible Personal Property
  • Tactics for Omissions, Errors, and Unexpected Events

Estate Clearing Representation Complementary to Fiduciary Needs

When choosing estate clearing services, ask for a timeline of estate management. Ask for checklists and worksheets for goal identification; these help clarify client needs and assure estate management personnel are on the same page with them.

Look for contemporaneous services that follow the latest in fiduciary trends. Fiduciaries seek estate clearing services that have a long track record of working with them flexibly as they make hard decisions consistently and the right way.

Find options that get the job done as fast as possible despite infrastructure and logistical impediments. Find those who can handle the courts and who can bring clients to help when it’s needed.

Contact A Clear Path today for trusted options in estate clearing services that expressly understand your responsibilities as a fiduciary.

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10 Downsizing Tips For Boomers Who Want To Declutter

good downsizing starts with proper organizing and therefore it is best to use a professional organizer

It’s no secret that many baby boomers are downsizing as they approach retirement. After years of accumulating stuff, they’re now faced with the daunting task of decluttering and simplifying their lives.

If you’re a boomer who is considering downsizing, here are 10 tips to help you get started:

1. Start with the easy stuff

Don’t try to tackle everything at once. Start with the items that are easiest to part with. This could be things that you don’t use often, or items that hold sentimental value but aren’t truly valuable.

Also, don’t be afraid to get rid of things that are in good condition but you no longer have a use for. Just because something is still usable doesn’t mean you have to keep it.

2. Get rid of duplicates

Do you really need two sets of golf clubs? Or three coffee makers? If you have multiple items that serve the same purpose, get rid of the extras. When you think about it, do you really need more than one of anything?

With enough items decluttered from a room, you can even consider using the newly acquired space to add a home gym and save on gym memberships. 

3. Don’t forget about your closet

Clothes are often some of the hardest things to get rid of, but downsizing is a great opportunity to purge your closet. If you haven’t worn something in a year or two, chances are you won’t miss it.

When cleaning your closet, you need to be honest with yourself. If something doesn’t fit or you don’t love it, get rid of it. You can also consider donating clothes that are in good condition but you no longer want.

downsizing is about making decision of what to keep and what to give away or sell and a professional organizer can help

4. Have a yard sale

Yard sales are a great way to get rid of unwanted items and make some extra cash. Just be sure to advertise ahead of time so people know when and where to find you. When organizing a yard sale, be sure to price items reasonably so they’ll sell. After all, the goal is to get rid of stuff, not make a fortune.

Image source

5. Donate to charity


If you have items that are in good condition but you no longer want or need them, consider donating them to a local charity. This is a great way to declutter your home and help those in need.

When considering a charity to donate to, make sure to do your research. You want to be sure your donations are going to a reputable organization that will put them to good use.decluttering, selling items, giving items to charity, packing are all part of what a senior move manager handles and more.

6. Sell online

There are a number of online platforms where you can sell unwanted items, such as eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. This is a great option if you have larger items that would be difficult to transport to a yard sale.

When selling anything online, be sure to use caution. Meet buyers in a public place and be sure to have someone with you if possible.

7. Use storage wisely

If you’re downsizing to a smaller home, you may need to get creative with storage. Look for furniture with built-in storage, such as ottomans with removable lids or coffee tables with drawers.

You’ll be surprised by how much stuff you can actually store in a small space if you use it wisely.

8. Declutter your home before you move

 Moving is a perfect opportunity to declutter your home. Start packing up items that you know you won’t need in your new place, such as seasonal clothing or extra furniture. This will make the moving process easier and help you avoid taking unnecessary things to your new home.

Also, be sure to measure your new space before you move. This will help you determine what furniture will actually fit and avoid any surprises on moving day.

9. Don’t forget about digital clutter

In today’s digital world, we often accumulate a lot of “stuff” that we don’t even realize. Take some time to declutter your digital life by deleting old files and photos, unsubscribing from unwanted emails, and cleaning up your social media accounts.

With a clear computer storage, not only will you have more space for new things, but you’ll also be less likely to experience technical issues down the road.

A professional senior move manager can also help decluttering your digital life

10. Be realistic about what you can keep

It’s important to be realistic about what you can actually keep when downsizing. If you’re moving from a four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment, you’re not going to be able to take everything with you. Be selective and only keep the items that are truly important to you.

A Checklist to Stick to When Getting Rid of Clutter

If you need help getting started, use this checklist as a guide: 

  • -Start with one room at a time and make your way through the entire house
  • -Make three piles for each item: keep, donate/sell, trash
  • -Be ruthless when making decisions and don’t let sentimentality get in the way
  • -For items you’re keeping, find a place for them right away so they don’t end up as clutter again
  • -For items you’re donating or selling, pack them up and get them out of the house as soon as possible
  • -And finally, for items you’re throwing away, put them in garbage bags and take them out to the trash can right away

Examples of Decluttering a Room

The following are some examples of how you can declutter different rooms in your home:


  • -Start by getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear. If you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you never will. Donate or sell these items to make room for the things you actually love.
  • -Next, declutter your nightstand. Get rid of old magazines, books you’ve already read, and any other items that are just taking up space.
  • -Finally, go through your closet and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you no longer wear. Again, if you haven’t worn it in a year, chances are you never will.

Living room: 

  • -Start by decluttering your coffee table. Get rid of old magazines, coasters, and anything else that’s just taking up space.
  • -Next, go through your bookshelves and get rid of any books you no longer want or need. Donate these to a local library or sell them online.
  • -Finally, declutter your entertainment center. Get rid of any old movies or video games you no longer play. If you have a lot of DVDs, consider getting rid of them and switching to a digital format.


  • -Start by going through your pantry and getting rid of any expired food items. Throw away anything that’s been sitting in there for months (or even years!).
  • -Next, declutter your cabinets and get rid of any dishes or cookware you no longer use. Donate these items to a local shelter or food bank.
  • -Finally, declutter your fridge and freezer. Toss out any old leftovers or expired food items. And if your fridge is full of Take-Out menus, it’s time to get rid of those too!

Downsizing your home can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips and using this checklist, you can declutter your home and make the moving process a breeze. So what are you waiting for? Start downsizing today!

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6 Reasons to Let Professionals Handle an Estate Cleanout

helping an estate cleanout includes selling, donating or disposing of furniture and other household items

Estate cleanouts are not the easiest of tasks. These are often done during times with a lot of emotions involved. After all, estate cleanouts usually take place after a tragic loss. Getting rid of items once in possession of someone who may have been dear to us is not pleasant. In this article, we will look at the six reasons to let professionals handle an estate cleanout, as they can make the process much easier for everyone involved.

Why is it a good idea to let professionals handle an estate cleanout?

When the time has come for an estate cleanout, the emotions can run high. Estate cleanouts usually happen after a tragic loss or a divorce. With the recent event still fresh in mind, focusing on much else is challenging. It’s advisable to involve professionals who will take care of everything for you. Being able to focus on other things while professionals deal with the estate cleanout is very practical. It also makes handling the current event less difficult. Professionals who deal with estate cleanouts tend to do so with respect, compassion, and understanding. Let’s have a look at why hiring estate cleanout professionals is an intelligent decision.

  • Move management

Estate cleanout is very similar to residential moving. We could say that every move has four steps:

  • Declutter
  • Pack
  • Unpack
  • Organize

This is the tried and true 4 step formula. We may be only dealing with part of the items on the property, but the procedure remains the same. Still, the end goal is not strictly to relocate property but may involve getting rid of certain redundant items that one should remove for other reasons. Professional movers can organize this entire process very efficiently for you. Relieving you of additional stress can only be helpful during these times.

an estate cleanout might include moving several items to other residences or to charitable organizations

Estate clearing services involve careful planning of the entire process to ensure a seamless and efficient job.

  • Donations and recycling

Professionals who deal with moving and estate cleanouts can help you properly get rid of unnecessary or unwanted items. There’s no need to pollute or create more junk that will lay around forever. With professionals on your team, many of these items can find a new home. You may be surprised to find out, but some people will rejoice in having the items you take for granted or have even forgotten about. Once the time to discard them has come, it may be noble to donate them or have them recycled. If you’re environmentally aware or charitable, this one is for you.

  • Sorting through important documents

Sometimes, we may not know what paperwork and documentation we should hold on to. Professionals in the field of estate cleanouts will make sure important documents are preserved. These could be documents that can come in handy when dealing with solicitors, executors of state, or other family members. Documents like these could make the difference when certain settlements are being taken care of, like a will.

for estate cleanouts, special care is needed for the storage and preservation of documents

Let professionals handle an estate cleanout for you, and they will make sure all the essential documents are preserved.

  • Decluttering 

When someone has spent years and decades in the same place, clutter is bound to accumulate. Once the unfortunate event has occurred, it leaves one’s home unorganized and overrun with clutter. Professionals in the field can help you declutter and organize. There is no easier way to have a clean home. Dealing with your clutter and organizing is done in two ways: 


  •     Organizing 1 on 1– You will meet up with a professional in the field, who is a Lead Organizer, and outline your specific decluttering needs. You will go through each step in detail and be briefed on what to expect.
  •     Dynamic transformation– This is a team job. With the help of one or more organizers, the task at hand is done efficiently and expediently. This may be a better approach if there is a lot of clutter to take care of.


You may even auction off some of your things online. These auctions are very simple and quick. The items you wish to put up will be photographed, and the photos will be posted online for interested bidders. Once a particular item is sold, the buyer would come at a specified time to retrieve the item they’ve purchased. This can be pretty handy and profitable.

  • Hiring professionals may be financially sensible

Sometimes, the job at hand may be too much. We may not be able to invest enough time in the task, and it may need to be done as soon as possible. By hiring professionals, you may save time and money. Having to move items around, transport them, and discard them accordingly can get costly and time-consuming. Estate clearing services tend to be cheaper than having everything done by yourself when everything is considered. 

  • Moving with kids is easier with professional help

When an estate cleanout is done, it’s probably due to an unpleasant event. This may be due to a loss of a relative or a divorce. Whatever the case, if there are children involved, it’s essential to help them cope with this event. This can be difficult if one is moving, which may be the case after a divorce. In the event of moving with kids, it’s crucial to focus on their needs. Being caught up in sorting out belongings, finances, and the physical aspect of moving is very time-consuming. It can also be draining. Hence, it is sensible to hire some help and dedicate your precious time to your children.

peace of mind is like a mother hugging a child after she has let professionals handle an estate cleanout

When going through an estate cleanout, it’s crucial to make the kids comfortable and focus on their needs.


Hire estate clearing services

Get in touch with professionals today and ensure your estate cleanout is adequately handled. Make sure your items are securely packed, transported, or discarded, if necessary. It’s easier than ever to get all the help you require. 

Hopefully, you’re now briefed on employing estate clearing services for your needs. With these six reasons we’ve provided, it only makes sense to let professionals handle an estate cleanout for you

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Smart Home Devices for Seniors

Boomers are using electronic devices ans using them to find organizers and senior moving assistance If you are a senior, you are probably looking for anything that can make you more independent. It is understandable – nobody wants to always rely on somebody else. Moreover, if you are a senior, you are also probably looking for something that will make your life safer and more comfortable. Golden years can be tricky, especially if we are alone and have specific health problems. But what if we told you that there are certain smart home devices for seniors that can help you with all the things mentioned? Smart home devices are not only for young people – seniors can benefit from them too! Today, we will talk about different home devices for seniors. So, if you are a senior or know a senior who needs help, keep reading.

Devices for Remote Access

When you are a senior, you tend to forget where you placed certain things like remote controllers. And, sometimes, walking around the house looking for them, or just reaching them, can be quite a challenge. This is where smart home devices for seniors come in handy. Namely, there are many devices for remote access that you can use to control pretty much anything in your home – TV, radio, lights, thermostat, cameras, appliances, etc. 

These smart home devices for remote control usually come in the form of a tablet (full of apps for remote control). And, as long as you carry that tablet with you, you can control any smart feature of your home, whether from your bed or the beach. For instance, if you have retired somewhere on the West Coast and spend your days sunbathing, you can turn on the AC in advance and come to a cool home. Or you can use that tablet to stay in touch with your loved ones constantly. 

seniors are using smart devices to get help with de-cluttering, packing-unpacking and downsizing to move

Remote control smart home devices for seniors can be life-savers!

Alarms and Cameras 

As mentioned above, some older adults decide to move to a senior home where they will be taken care of by professionals, and some decide to make some home renovations and age in place. If you opt for the second option and live alone, you will need to make your home safer. The best way to do that is to add security cameras and alarm systems. 

Add a camera above all your ‘entry’ doors – that way, you can see who is at the door without even getting up. Then, have professionals install an alarm system you can use whenever you see a suspicious person on your camera. The best part about these smart home devices for seniors is that the previously mentioned devices can use them for remote access – you can use your cameras with your tablets and alert the police if necessary. 

Smart Locks and Doorbells

Speaking of alarms and security cameras, it might also be a good idea to invest in some smart locks and doorbells. These can be used for safety reasons, but that does not have to be their only purpose. Namely, smart locks and doorbells (together with cameras) can be used to let somebody in (or out) without getting up. This can be very beneficial for seniors who have certain medical issues. 

Moreover, these smart home devices should be necessary for seniors who moved alone to another home. They are a much safer option than the ‘regular’ locks and doorbells. That is, burglars will not be able to come inside easily as locks will notify you and the police that somebody is trying to get in without using the key. So, as soon as you move in, hire a team of experts who will install all these smart devices. 

And, don’t try to do this yourself (if you don’t have experience). You might make a mistake that costs you much more than hiring experts. The same applies to moving to your new home. Seniors or their relatives should look for senior moving services in Irvine ahead of time, as an expert team can help with everything moving-related. 

smart door locks can help protect seniors from unexpected intrusion


Biomedical Monitoring Devices

Seniors who have chronic medical conditions need to be monitored 24/7. They can be monitored by their care givers, children, or by themselves using the so-called biomedical monitoring devices. These devices show the person’s current state and send alerts to everybody if something is out of order. And, when we say everybody, we mean to you, your children, care givers, doctor, or anybody you decide. 

There are different biomedical monitoring devices. Which one you will choose will depend on your health problem. But, let us mention some of the most useful smart home devices for seniors and their health: 

  • Blood pressure cuff 
  • Glucometer 
  • ECG and Stethoscope 
  • Pulse Oximeter 
  • Activity trackers 
  • Thermometer
  • Smart scale 

Get yourself a biomedical monitoring device! It can save your life! Get the one you need even if you live with your children or with some other people – smart devices of this kind can tell that something is wrong with you before you notice it yourself. And, make sure you get it if you are relocating to a more desirable place alone – you never know what can happen when living alone, and this way, you will have some peace of mind. 

senior moving can be help using smart devices to find appropriate services for senior moving

You can avoid many health problems with a biomedical monitoring device.

Mobility Assistants

At a certain age, walking becomes a problem. There are days when getting out of bed seems impossible. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, new mobility assistants have been created to help people with everyday things. Of course, those are usually wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, etc. But, some smart home devices can assist with getting out of bed. For example, that can be a remote-controlled bed – by changing its position using a remote control, you can get in and out of bed much easier. Or there are even things like robotic arms that can help with eating and drinking. 

As you have seen, many smart home devices for seniors can ease everyday life, provide safety, and make it much more comfortable. Thus, don’t run away from technology – embrace it. You, and your loved ones, can benefit from all of these devices, so choose the ones you need and improve the quality of your lives.

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Consider 5 Renovations When Aging in Place

professional decluttering can help create space for a renovation

 There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to start thinking about retirement. Some people decide to move to a senior’s home, some move to a smaller, more convenient home, and some decide to age in place. Aging in place is when you stay in the comfort of your home during the last chapter of your life. There are many benefits to doing this—you will not have to move, you will be close to everyone you love, etc. But, there, where there are pros, there are also cons.

Namely, aging in a home that was built for families is not going to be easy—you will have to deal with a lot of stairs, narrow doorways, multiple floors, and other things that you will start to look like obstacles. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider aging in place; it only means that you should make some adjustments before you do. And, that will be our topic of the day—5 renovations to consider when again place. So, keep on reading if you, or your senior loved ones, want to age in place.

1. Create a Room Downstairs

The home you want to continue living in is probably your family home. That means that you have a lot of floors and a lot of stairs. And, that also means that your bedroom is upstairs. If we are right, then one of the first renovations to consider when aging in place is creating a room for yourself downstairs. That doesn’t have to be anything big or complex. After all, all you need in there is a bed and closet. Everything else you already have on your first floor (bathroom, kitchen, living room).

However, if you have a lot of stuff that you typically keep upstairs, and if you plan on continuing to use all of that, it might be a good idea to consider investing in some innovative home storage options for your first floor on time too!

Caption: A bedroom downstairs is a must for all seniors.

baby boomers should continue to exercise

2. Modify the Bathroom

Next to your bedroom should be a bathroom, of course. There too, you should make some renovations when aging in place. The first thing you should do is replace your bathtub with a shower. Over time, getting in and out of the bath is going to become more and more complex, so be sure to do this before it comes to that. Then, it would also be a good idea to swap your current toilet for one that has a built-in bidet. And, don’t forget to add grab bars next to it.

If making these two changes (having a room downstairs and renovating the bathroom) is not an option, you should reconsider your decision to age in place. Getting up and down the stairs to sleep and using the bathroom may not be a problem now, but it will undoubtedly become a problem later. So, talk to your family about moving to a more convenient home. And, don’t worry about senior moving either—there are many moving companies that specialize in helping seniors move and do all other moving-related things.

3. Install Grab Bars and Handrails

But, we understand that it is still emotionally difficult to leave your home. If that is the case, you should consider renovating it so that it helps you move in a safe way. Going up and down the stairs is not only difficult, but it is also very dangerous. One wrong step and you can slip and fall. That will most likely result in a broken bone or two.

Prevent that from happening by installing grab bars and handrails everywhere around the house. You should install grab bars in your bathroom and maybe even next to your bed or sofa you like to sit in. Then, install handrails next to all staircases. Moreover, even if you are handy now, don’t tackle this (or any other) renovation alone. Learn to simplify it—hire a handyman or have your family member come and help you out. This will make renovation more convenient for everyone.


renovations and downsizing are better handled by professional organizers

4. Renovations to Consider when Aging in Place—Widen All the Doorways

Unfortunately, aging in place usually means having to use a wheelchair at a certain point. So, even if you are not using them now, you should be prepared for that possibility. The best way to do that is to, first, widen all the doorways. They must be 32 inches or wider to accommodate the wheelchair.

Moreover, when thinking about widening all the doorways, you should also consider leveling your floors. If you have just one step that is higher or lower than your floor, it will be impossible to use a wheelchair. So, talk to your contractor about this when talking about things you have to do to make your retirement property feel cozy and easy to use in your golden years.


making space, downsizing, renovations all of these cna be help iwht a professional organizer

5. Invest in Smart Technology

One of the last but certainly not least home renovations to consider when aging in place is investing in smart technology. You can age more practically and peacefully by letting technology work for you. Nowadays, there is not a thing that technology can’t do. For instance, it can help you:

  • Reach something
  • Check the fire
  • Control anything with your voice
  • Turn on the lights with a motion sensor

And maybe one of the best things about technology is that it can help you when there is a medical emergency. Namely, you can buy a sort of bracelet, the so-called PERS (a personal emergency response system), which has a button you can push whenever you feel something is wrong with your medical condition. 

As you have seen, there are many renovations to consider when aging in place. We mentioned just the most important ones, but there are many more. It is crucial to think about them before you start feeling difficulty moving or before you get sick. So, talk to your family members and hire a contractor or a senior move manager who will handle the renovation process so that you can age in place and age in peace. 

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How to Downsize as a Boomer: Make Your Retirement Property Feel Cozy

downsizing is a difficult task without getting some help from professional organizer and sr. movers

You recently decided to clear your home, put it on the market, and downsize into a smaller house for retirement. With the support of A Clear Path, tackling this process couldn’t be simpler!

Choosing to clear your old home and sell is a big step, and now that you’re getting settled into your new property, you want to make it truly feel like “home.” What can you do to personalize your new house and make the most of your smaller space? Here are a few ideas to get you inspired!

Take Care of Maintenance

Before you make any aesthetic changes to your home, you’ll need to complete the necessary repairs. If you’re concerned about any major maintenance issues in your home, such as structural problems with the foundation, a potential plumbing leak, or problems with your roof, you should contact a reputable contractor immediately. But if you’re only dealing with minor repairs, you can take a DIY approach. Extra Mile states that you should be able to change your HVAC filters, fix your toilets, and do basic yard work on your own.

Establish an Outdoor Living Space

Perhaps you don’t have as much space in your current home as you did in your old one – but you can basically “extend” this space by creating an outdoor “living room.” This is a great project if you enjoy hosting, especially when the weather is warm outside – your guests will be able to sit down, relax, and enjoy some fresh air at your gatherings. 

How can you set up an outdoor living room? Gardenista recommends starting on a level surface, like a deck or flat ground. Next, you’ll want to:

  • Lay out a floor, like concrete pavers, if necessary.
  • Add hedges or garden beds around part of the perimeter.
  • Create a ceiling with a trellis or pergola.
  • Finally, choose sturdy, aesthetically pleasing furnishings!

Decorate Your Home

Once you’ve completed a few necessary maintenance tasks, you can move on to the fun projects, like decorating! For instance, you might want to head to a local thrift shop to pick up interesting artwork for low prices, add some houseplants in each room, or include some bright new lighting fixtures. 

If you’d like to bring a little life to your bare walls, you could transform your walls with customizable wallpaper! Rather than using standard wallpaper, why not try a peel-and-stick option? 

Use a professional to walk thru your home before you start to downsize and the work will be easier to complete

This variety of wallpaper has an adhesive backing, which makes it convenient to apply. If you’re not happy with your first application, you can remove it and reapply it. And by ordering wallpaper printed on-demand, you’ll have the opportunity to customize your design – which means that you won’t have to worry about your preferred pattern being out of stock!

Clear and Organize Your Home Garage

Your garage can serve lots of purposes – in addition to storing your car, you could also set up a hobby workbench, use it for storage, or even turn it into a home gym. But in order to actually use your garage and get the benefits of this extra space, you need to declutter and organize it first. 

Once you’ve gotten rid of any items in your garage that you no longer need, you’ll want to set up some storage systems so that you can keep your remaining belongings organized: 

  • Shelves can help you get organized without using floor space.
  • Wall cubbies can be used to store shoes, outerwear, and more.
  • If you already have storage tubs, you can label and stack them. 
  • Pegboards are great for hanging tools or other supplies.

Downsize Your Closet as a Boomer

Chances are, you’ve accumulated lots of clothing, shoes, and accessories over the past few decades. Perhaps you were reluctant to toss out part of your wardrobe before you moved – after all, you might have thought you would start wearing some of your old clothes again. But at a certain point, maintaining a large wardrobe becomes more trouble than it’s worth, and you will probably benefit from clearing it out.

If you need to sort through lots of clothes, here’s how to tackle the process:

  • Be honest with yourself – if you haven’t worn a particular item in a year, it’s time for it to go! 
  • Clothes that are in good condition can be given to friends or relatives or donated to charity. 
  • If you’re letting go of some items that are ripped or stained, they should simply be thrown away.
  • Organize your remaining clothes by color or style.

Create an Entertainment Room

Do you love watching movies or catching a few episodes of your favorite TV show? Do you ever wish you could watch them on the big screen without going all the way to a movie theater? If you have the available space in your new home, you could create an entertainment room! 

easing stress is on the way when you use a professional to help downsize your home.

There’s nothing quite like having your very own home theater. Your guests will definitely be impressed! To set up a home theater, you’ll need the right technology, such as a large flat-screen TV and a great sound system. You’ll also want to get comfortable seating for a few people. You can even buy seats that have cup holders and tray tables that fold out so people can enjoy snacks and drinks while they watch movies.

Design a “Zen Corner”

When you retired, did you hope to spend more time practicing self-care? If so, you could create a relaxing “zen corner” in your home: 

  • Add a couple of yoga mats and a meditation cushion.
  • Choose artwork that makes you feel relaxed and calm when you look at it. 
  • You could even bring in a small speaker so that you can play soothing music. 
  • A decorative water fountain could also be a nice touch. 

You can personalize your zen corner to your tastes – after all, it’s your place to escape when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

You want to love where you live in retirement. If you’re a boomer who has recently chosen to clear your old home and downsize, you might feel a little out of place by now. But by embarking on some of these renovation projects, you’ll be able to get comfortable in your new home and give it a cozier feel.

Are you ready to clear out your estate and move somewhere new? A Clear Path can get the job done! Call us today at 818-400-9592 to get started.

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