Schedule a De-clutter Party

Why a de-clutter party? 

  • Because you know that clutter and disorganization keep you from having great quality of life.
  • Because you want to be the best you can be at home, or in the office.
  • Because you may not be ready to hire a professional organizer but you want to get started NOW to get the de-cluttering/organizing process going.
  • Because you are not alone in your clutter, or your desire for cleared spaces.
  • Because and you and your friends will learn how to encourage each other to keep the path clear of chaos and clutter!

Prior to the Party: 
Prior the party, guests may email Regina with their particular clutter-concerns in order to address these concerns at the Party (anonymously, of course!).

At the Party: 
Regina provides party-goers with important tips, strategies, best-practices and guidelines to de-clutter and organize any area in your home or office.
A copy of the Ebook, “Timeless Top 10 De-clutter Tips,” plus a 30-minute coaching session is available for only $25 per party guest! 

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