Moving Without The Mess!

Moving is messy and we know it! As you contemplate your next move from home or office, consider these Top 5 Tips…

1. Get rid of the items you don’t want, use or need before you move. This includes clothing items, accessories, toiletries, furniture that may not fit in your new home, etc. You don’t need to pack up three can openers. Arrange for a donation pickup or garage sale with the leftover items.

2. Make a schedule and start packing one room at a time. Make a timeline of when you expect to complete a room and stick to it. Realistically plan when you will have time to pack and how long it will take you to clear out a room.

3. Leave boxes open until it is time to move. This will give you the opportunity to put miscellaneous items in the correct room where they belong.

4. Before you move into your new home, make a floor plan of where your belongings are going to be placed. Make the tough decisions ahead of time so when you are unpacking you know where to put your items.

5. Label everything! Label the boxes and label the rooms so the right boxes go into the correct rooms.



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