Maintenance Programs

Chronic Disorganization and Maintenance Program

A note from Regina: Over time I have learned that many people find they need ongoing help to maintain their newly de-cluttered spaces. One reason for this may be due to chronic disorganization (CD). 

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CD is described as a life-long problem with clutter which undermines the quality of daily life and impairs a person’s ability to move forward. If you are someone who is chronically disorganized, chances are pretty good that you’ve made MANY attempts to organize or de-clutter yourself and your spaces, but your attempts haven’t worked, leaving you feeling very frustrated.

People with these CD characteristics and behaviors find that traditional/conventional ways of organizing don’t work. We at A Clear Path offer a variety of maintenance services to increase the likelihood of your success and an opportunity to maintain your goals.

Maintenance packages may include: 

  • Modalities such as time management and ADHD organizing and coaching
  • Regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly) hands-on de-cluttering
  • Regular donations pick-up
  • Phone coaching
  • Time management
  • Body-doubling

The Clear Path team includes a licensed therapist who specializes in treating people with CD, ADHD, and hoarding disorders.

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Standard Maintenance Program (3 month minimum):
Specialist Regina Lark coaches one-on-one to change your relationship to clutter, to your things, to your space:

  • Create your “Mind Map” to help you “see” your new space.
  • Journaling exercises to understand how and why your clutter manifests.
  • Establish goals for maintaining each area where clutter tends to accumulate.
  • Clear your “psychic debris” by changing the negative messages that you tell yourself and replace with positive affirmations to ensure the likelihood for your success.
  • Work on changing habits/behavior/relationship to your ‘stuff.’
  • Copy of Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship Between the Stuff in Your Head and What’s Under Your Bed (Purple Books Publishing, 2013)

4 hours hands-on organizing
3 hours Accountability
Coaching call


Customized Maintenance Program (3 month minimum): 
Based on our conversations – we will design a program specific for your needs. Services could include a combination of modalities (hands-on de-cluttering, vision board work, time management, etc).

Coaching only: 
3-month phone coaching session which looks like 4, 1-hour calls per month, and we can divide the time as you want.

In our calls we discuss creating/setting/meeting realistic goals, follow-through and time management skill building, re-habituating relationships to mail, school/art papers, financial papers/bills, household management (do you use a family calendar?), and anything you want to bring to the table.

Are You Coachable? 
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