Top 10 Grateful Tips

1. Thankful for the memories. If you save items because of the joy they bring you, rather than utilitarian function, display them in a manner that keeps the objects from cluttering your home but are still visible. The above items are places into a box that is the same size as the table and then covered with glass so the items are visible and the table is still functional.

2. Thankful for the unused space behind the sofa that allows more storage space. In general, there are a lot of places in the home that are often overlooked or are a space we would not ordinarily think we can use. The accent table behind the couch allows for more space to place items you would want when you’re on the couch or passing by it.

3. Thankful to those that help us keep our home comfortable and clutter-free. Whether it is friends or family at one point another person has helped us keep our home organized. Although, it helps to assign chores or write a “to-do” list to be checked off daily to ensure that no task is forgotten.

4. Thankful for inventions made for people that can’t help but forget something when rushing out the front door.

5. Thankful for hidden storage. Furniture that doubles as storage is becoming increasingly easier to find. Although, it is not hard to create a cluttered “junk” pile in hidden storage spaces because no one sees it.

6. Thankful for visual people that create fun ways to stay organized. Something interactive like a wall (literally)-calendar brings to the user. Not only does a calendar create an entertaining and visually appealing way to keep track of monthly events, but it also encourages the user to actually use the calendar and help with time management by taking up the whole wall.

7. Thankful to park your car in the garage. It’s not uncommon for the garage to become an extension of your house rather than a place to park your vehicles. If it is necessary to store items, do so in an organized fashion. Utilize wall space to help.

8. Thankful for pets! Though pets also can dirty your home, they inspire creative solutions to help us live in organization.

9. Thankful for closet space. Closets can be turned into a mud room, office, reading room, storage center…basically a closet can be anything you want it to be! If there is a closet in your home or office that is fully being used, use the closet to create a productive space.

10. Thankful FOR YOU. Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have an incredibly diverse and unique clientele that inspires me in the work that I do. I am grateful for my clients, colleagues, friends, family, followers for supporting the work I do helping others. I’m especially thankful for the Clear Path team: Mary, Cathy, Tina, Kimi, Joyous, Nicole, Stephanie, Toni, Richard, and Liam. I would not be where I am without you.