Top 10 Summer Organizing Tips

Summer is here! This means the kids are home, beach & camping trips are necessary, you have time for a short vacation, the grill is finally being used, and your collection of flowers outside is getting some attention. With so many things going on it is easy to lose track of time and your belongings making clutter a formidable summer foe. Luckily staying organized throughout the summer months is not that difficult and doesn’t require much effort. Here is a list of the Top 10 Summer Organizing Tips:

  1. Keep all of your grilling tools in one place to make it easy to access and so you do not misplace them. A bucket or pail works great and are inexpensive.
  2. When going to the beach or camping, keep all of the mosquito repellent and sunscreen in a Ziploc bag. You can simply put the Ziploc bag in the car or in a tote so it is easily accessible and don’t have to worry about leaks.
  3. Protect your stored winter coats and clothing so they smell nice for next winter. Cedar is great for keeping moths away, I like to get a breathable bag and make my own mix of cedar, lavender, and chamomile to put in my winter closet.
  4. The end of tax season should mean the end of piles of paper. File statements and corresponding deductions’ documents to avoid mixing the papers with others on your desk.
  5. Going on a road trip? A shoe organizer designed to hang on the inside of your closet door is great for the backseat of your car. You can organize your maps, food, games, and other road trip necessities without cluttering your entire car.
  6. Keep an extra trashcan or plastic laundry basket outside for beach/water toys. This way you don’t have to worry about bringing the mess indoors and they are readily available when you need them. Make sure it is ventilated so the toys don’t get moldy.
  7. Keep gardening supplies in one area. A bucket or pail works great and everything is visible so you can grab whatever shovel or tool you need and can bring along the rest.
  8. With school out of session clear out backpacks, school papers, drawings and activity bags. Let your child help to decided what to keep and toss.  Also be sure to sell back textbooks if that’s an option.
  9. Create a summer routine for you and your children. Make a summer chore chart easily visible so your children can see what they need to do for the day before they go out and play. This is also great if your children complain of boredom with their free time, they can help you out around the house.
  10. Plan ahead! Whether it’s a vacation or just a short camping trip, make a list of what you need to do before R&R and a checklist of everything you and the family need to pack (that way you don’t forget anything except your worries). If you’re using a motorhome, then make sure to stock on common Motorhome Parts that can go wrong.